Laurie Bernie & Waza

LBW Began For Me With A Phone Call From Harold Frith Could I Replace Bernie OBrien In The Band That Had Just Won A TIARA Award For Best Instrumental

Who Is The Band Harold? Said I....... Oh Peter Hayes And Laurie Allen Said Harold.....Oh And Im In It Too Im The Drummer.....


Sounds Alright...Got Any Gigs.....Shit Yeah Heaps Of Em....Grouse Im In........ Been Waitin To Run Across Laurie Allen Again......

I Asked How To Play The Intro To Carroll County Accident When I Was 11 And He Told Me To F%#k Off.........Im Not 11 Now..........

HaHa Oh Shit.....Said Harold......Naaah Should Be Allright Harold Im Only Takin The Piss......I Will Drop Around With The Album Said Harold

Big Problem Is Bernie Has Left And We Still Need To Do His Instrumental Coz We Named The Band After It And Won A Tiara And Everything....

And Ummm Bernie Wont Talk To Me Any More..........Ok Harold Drop The Album In I Will Have A Look Into It.........

I Got Off The Phone And Thought To Myself Shit....That Bands Full Of Fu%#ing Genuine Legends..........Im Gonna Play With Hayesy And Laurie Allen....

SHIT HOT.....So Around Come Harold Owner Of The Worlds Most Legendary Sandals With The Album And Said Good Luck Learnin This....

Make Sure Ya Learn Hayesys Songs And Lauries Ones And The Instrumental.......I Shall Be Performing The Saltbush Hit Blue Hills....

Yer Should Always Do Yer Hits Harold...Said I...And Bravely Leapt To Learn The Torturous Finger Abusing Banjo Rolling Hell On Earth That Is Nite Train By Bernie OBrien

This Song Didnt Win A Tiara Coz It Was Easy To Play In Fact Its A Testament To The Skill Of My Old Buddy Bernie OBrien And Confirms His Position As One Of Australias Best Telecaster Pickers.....  With A Few Days Rehearsal With The CD Under My Belt I Was Getting Ready For The First Gig When I Heard Pete Hayes Couldnt Get Down To Melbourne For The Gig And Barry Roy Would Be Filling In For Him............Well Lets Just Terrify The New Guitar Player Shall We.........Barry Friggin Roy...........Ya Gotta Be Kiddin This Bloke Hasnt Made A Mistake Since 1963 And Still Reckons That Was The Rythym Guitarist That Made That One.........This Is Gonna Be Interesting....Poor Old Waza From West Heidelbergs Orf To Play With The Big Boys.........

The Day Of The Gig Arrived And Off We Went To Rye R.S.L Harold And His Lovely Wife Lorraine And I Set Out To Pick Up Laurie

At His Aunty Renes House In Clayton He Came Wanderin Out With His Gear And Said Gday Owyergoin At Which Point I Said Im Alright

He Said Oh You Have Heard That One Have Ya......I Thought Whats He On About.....I Said Do Ya Remember Me.....He Said Have I Met Ya

I Said Yeah Ya Have I Was 11 At A Party At Barbara Dowlings House When I Asked You To Show Me How To Play The Intro To Carroll County

You Told Me To Piss Off And Work It Out Myself....Wanna Tell Me To Piss Orf Now Im Not 11 Anymore????...........

He Said I Dont Remember Doin That And I Shall Offer You A Multiple Choice Excuse..........A: I Was Drunk  B: You Were A Pest.......C: All Of The Above..............

I Had To Laugh And Say I Pick Answer C.........And With A Buck Owens Tape In The Tape Player Orf We Went To Our First Gig Where We Didnt Play ANY OF THE SONGS OFF THE ALBUM!!!!!!!

But I Did Take The Piss Outta Laurie By Starting Eyes Of Love In An Odd Key Well Not An Odd Key...... My Key :) I Mean How Often Do Ya Get To Sing Bobbys Bits With Laurie.......He Sang The Part Perfectly And At The End Of The Song Said Oh Mate Thank You For Doin That.....You Took Me Right Back To The Sixties......That Was Just Like Singin With Bob Bright Mate......Fair Dinkum.....I Said Thats Very Nice Of You Laurie Thank You....He Said Yeah You Dont Know Any More Of The Fu%#ing Words Than He Does!!!!!!!!!!!


We Moved On From That Band With A Succession Of Different Ppl Like Danny Robisnson Don Mudie Ian Langford And John Creech Till We Decided We Should Resurrect The Laurie Allen Revue Harold Was Becoming Involved In Other Projects So We Settled Into The Studio At My House To Do A Demo To Get Work For The Revue.....After A While We Were Thinkin Of Recording One Of Bernies Songs When Laurie Said Ring Him Up And Get Him To Come And Play On It.......Bernie Came Over And The Band That Started As Nite Train Turned Into Mystery Train Then Became The Laurie Allen Revue Finally Became L.B.W

We Embarked On What Some Would Call An Insane Adventure To Record Not One But Five Albums In One Mammoth Session

Lauries Album Featuring Some Of The Best Of His Original Catalogue

Bernies First Solo Album And His First Album Since The End Of Saltbush

My First Album On Which I Was Fortunate Enough To Get Laurie To Sing A Duet With Me On Two Of His Original Tunes

Rockin A Compilation Of Our Favourite All Time Rock Legends Best Songs

And All Night Long A Compilation Of Our Solo Work With Some Extra Unreleased Tracks

As We Leapt Into This Task With Me Handling Bass Drums Guitars And Keys And Bernie And Laurie Looking After Guitars And Dobro And Guitars And Keys Respectively

Don Mudie Referred A Country Singer To Us To Produce His Solo Album Ian Castles Came To The Studio And Hired The Production Team To Complete His Album August Mood

So In Our First Six Months In The Band We Laid The Groundwork For 6 Good Albums

And Luckily Ian Won A Tiara Award For His Version Of Lauries Song Closing Of The Door

L.B.W Was Approaching Completion On The 5 Albums We Originally Mapped Out When Sadly Laurie Was Taken From Us In 2002

Bernie And I Struggled On To Complete And Release Lauries Album We Eventually Managed To Release The Three Solo Albums

But We Never Could Get The Legalities Sorted Out On The Compilation Album

L.B.W Was One Of The Greatest Periods Of My Musical Career Where I Sat In A Studio With Two Masters Of Australian Country Music

And Soaked Up And Learnt As Much As I Could In The Words Of The Mighty Chad Morgan.....Oooooh If I Could Just Go Back And Know What I Know Now!!!!!!!